You will develop the ability and confidence in basic Spanish communication in order to be able to converse in daily situations.
I guarantee that after approx. 20 lessons you will be able to build short sentences in Spanish in the present and past tenses. My specialities are the difficult cases; don’t be afraid of learning a new language!


If you already have basic knowledge of the Spanish language, and together we will strengthen this knowledge. This means: the extension of the basic vocabulary (1000 – 1500 words), correction of basic errors, the development of the grammar as well as reading and repeating small texts. I will help you to learn the Spanish language in an enjoyable and effective way.


You will develop ability in communication and linguistic competency to engage in conversations on non specialist topics. We correct together grammatical errors and expand the active vocabulary (2500-3000 words) by reading, repeating and commentating on book texts and various newspaper articles.


You will gain the necessary linguistic skills to be able to effectively structure an oral or written discussion.

For each of these language levels I have prepared a work book provided with numerous exercises regarding grammar, vocabulary, situations, texts, etc..

If you are interested in detailed information about the different programs, methods, etc., please feel free to visit our forum.

All courses are led by me. I am trained to the highest possible standards. I’m on hand to guide you through your studies.