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Welcome to the web page of my language school.

I am glad to hear that you would like to learn Spanish or rather to improve the existing knowledge.

The languages are beautiful, because they are a symbol of mankind, which distinguishes us from the rest of living creatures. They are also the gate of thoughts which help us to communicate and therefore expanding your knowledge of the local culture.

All those who have decided to learn a foreign language know how important it is to practice a lot.

In my school I offer all year round language courses at 4 different levels, from complete beginners to advanced stage. You have the possibility to start your training in one of these courses at any time. First of all you will take a short test to determine your level of Spanish to find the class most suitable for you. Furthermore I offer intensive courses (from one week to four weeks) adapted to the respective level and the desires of the participants.

I offer private lessons for children of foreigners who have problems with their spelling or other subjects (literature, history, sciences, etc.).

In addition I attach great importance to my cultural course offer. I assure you that you will learn quickly through a proven method in connection with topics of history, culture and geography of Spain and the Canary Islands.

Simply because learning a new language also means a lot of fun, I offer interesting excursions and activities (plays as well as song and film evenings).

My idea is to enjoy learning another language. If we begin to swim in the sea of the languages great horizons will be opened for us, which are worthwhile to explore.

Ana Pinedo Cestafe
Graduate Teacher – Graduate Translater